“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.” – Chinese general Sun Tzu.

A strategy is a technique or plan, opted for the sake of accomplishing the goal or the solution of a problem. The motivation behind a strategy is to distinguish objectives and work towards accomplishing those objectives. The motivation behind tactics are those little objectives that could encourage something greater.

Likewise, to build a solid SEO strategy, we first need to focus on some mandatory techniques that would help us to achieve our goals and to rank up on the SERP.

The checklist that you need to set up first before making a strategy:

  • Details of timelines.
  • Details about current industry situation.
  • Know about other marketing perspectives.
  • User’s search intent and details about visitors.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Demand details of your product.
  • Current search trend.

Well, at this stage, your initial gathering task is finished, so now you’re on to development.

Keep in mind, a strategy is a plan that consists of some steps, dependencies and some consideration for future all through. For building up an SEO strategy, you must have to consider things that you need to scrutinise thoroughly.  Here is the list of checkpoints those you need to hold your SEO strategy against.

#Point 1: Know your client first.


SEO Strategy


While making an SEO strategy for a client’s company, make sure you know these points about the company.

  • The vision of the company. If you know the vision of the company then it’ll be easy to put together a strategy for the success of the company.
  • The core values of the company. Core values as in what the company is and what they aren’t. There must have some core values in a well-branded company. Use those core values as a perimeter of your campaigns.
  • Pain Points of your Client. What are the possible things that make the members of the company frustrated? There are many pain points from the customer support team to higher up, those knock the company down. This helps in knowing your client well enough for building the strategy.

#Point 2: Understand company goals.


SEO strategy for digital marketing


The image itself says it all. If you intend to build a goal oriented SEO strategy, then it should be a SMART goal strategy. It stands for the following perimeters:

  • Be specific about your goal. For a SMART SEO strategy, the goal should be specific enough to hit the market up.
  • Measurable Goal. You have to be very detailed about what you actually want. Do you want to make money or you want to make six hundred dollars? Do you want to draw traffic to your website or you want 600 new visitors to your website that engages your brand well?
  • Achievable Goal. You need to make sure that you are grounding your goal in reality that would be achievable.
  • Realistic Goal. Make sure you have proper resources in place as well as your client has the flexibility to make the required changes within the expected deadline.
  • Time-bound of the goal. Make sure you will have an appropriate start to end up in an expected deadline.

#Point 3: Know and recognise your audience.


SEO Strategy


It’s very important to specify the audience that you are targeting, then understand what they are actually searching for. According to your product requirement, set up some keywords and then jot down the detailed data of search volumes, clicks and impressions. Finalise the keywords as per your targeted location. This will give you a direction to understand your audience and lead to next step of recognition.


#Point 4: Competitive analysis.


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Without knowing your competitors, it won’t be possible to stand out. Analyse your competitor thoroughly. There are several tools those will help you to make your effort fruitful.

  • Traffic visibility: SEMrush is an awesome tool for getting an estimated visibility of search and traffic. It will quickly reveal about the topics of your competitors those are driving traffics to their websites. You can use those and improvise it to drive more traffic wave to your site.
  • Backlink Source: Moz is a fantastic tool indeed, to find out the backlink sources of your competitors. You can definitely use those sources to create links for your website and earn more domain authority, page authority, and good visibility on SERP.
  • Social Media Transparency: Buzzsumo is the perfect tool to get the sources for social media, No doubt! Get the sources from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and so on. You can easily track the sources that are sharing information more related to your keyword and the topics they are sharing over social media. Then reach out to that sources and drive more and more traffic to your website.


#Point 5: Analyse the roadblocker.


Digital marketing strategy


It is obvious that there will be obstacles! Sometimes a client may not be able to understand your plans and raise questions for that. But keep calm and focus on your goal to accomplish goals.


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