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In an increasingly connected world and a crowded market, how can your brand get the visibility it needs? With Google unleashing algorithm updates by the thousands every year and a constantly evolving landscape, SEO is not just about achieving a top page ranking, it’s about sustaining that position. Our SEO Services in Bangalore helps you to be on top consistently.

SEO Audit

To ensure that your SEO hits the sweet spot, it is imperative to begin well. This helps create a strong foundation to determine the appropriate strategy and move the needle. Our SEO audit services help you recognize what needs to be fixed and the approach that must be adopted.

Competitive Analysis

As part of competitive analysis, we identify your key competitors and evaluate their strategies - to analyze their weaknesses and strengths compared to your service or product.

Technical SEO

A website performs well if it is properly tuned. We carry out a comprehensive technical audit to identify performance bottlenecks and areas that require streamlining. This includes page speed optimization, mobile-friendliness, file compression and browser caching - to address all crucial technical aspects of your website.

On-page SEO

To achieve higher rankings in search engines, it is important to have a robust on-page SEO strategy. Our services ensure that your pages are not over-optimized with content, to make them more appealing to search engines and customers.

International SEO

If you are targeting keywords across geographies for your global business, you will encounter stiff competition and must put in a lot of effort to outrank. At Webenza, we know what it takes to create a reliable and robust website – one that search engines favor irrespective of the location of your customers.


Obtaining links from relevant and trustworthy sites in your industry can drive your pages to the top in search engines. Our methodology of building links and expanding the backlink profile enhances your website’s reputation with a profile that search engines are fond of, to ensure long-term rankings.

Local SEO Services

To boost your online business’s visibility in your area, you must ensure it scores a high rank in SEO local search queries. Advance your business with our personalized SEO services. Our comprehensive solutions include citation management, GMB SEO, strategic keyword research, on-page optimization and much more. With our assistance, you can effectively connect with and convert a greater number of potential customers in your local area, securing an edge over your competitors.

Mobile SEO Services

Optimizing your website for mobile search is essential to appeal to the growing mobile-first demography. Our SEO experts offer custom services to enhance your mobile visibility, improve website performance on mobile devices, and ensure seamless user experiences. We employ industry best practices, including responsive design, mobile-friendly content optimization, and mobile site speed optimization, to drive organic traffic and boost conversions. Stay ahead of the competition and capture the growing mobile market with our expert mobile SEO services in Bangalore.

Ecommerce SEO Services

The success of your Ecommerce business hinges on the website's SEO quality. Our e-commerce SEO services are designed to optimise your online store for search engines, improve organic rankings and drive targeted traffic that converts into sales. With a data-driven approach and a deep understanding of e-commerce platforms, we help you attract and retain customers, increase visibility and achieve sustainable growth in the competitive online marketplace.

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Being the Best SEO company in Bangalore We have helped organizations scale their traffic from 0 to 1 Million in less than 8 months

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we co-create success

Collaborative approach to identify your digital marketing goals. Analyze your website for insights on search performance

we play to your strengths

Competition analysis to determine a unique value proposition. Keyword research through detailed analysis of prevalent search terms

we are research driven

Use research & optimization map to apply on-page optimization to your website.

we are data-driven

Use Google Analytics to observe your site performance by analyzing metrics

we measure performance real-time

Use site performance data to fine tune strategy to keep improving SEO metrics

we create kick-ass content

Develop unique content & use content marketing services to engage your customers. Monitor and report website performance on a regular basis

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For qualified businesses, we give a comprehensive Audit & Growth proposal. Our assessment & recommendation will set the stage for your brand to make the most of its social presence.
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Your questions answered

How quickly can I see the results of my SEO campaign?

The results can vary based on several factors. However, you will see measurable improvement in rankings in the first couple of months after the initial technical SEO fixes and on-page efforts. However, sites which have been penalized, launched recently, or present in a highly competitive environment could witness slow progress.

For how long do I have to continue with an SEO campaign?

Though SEO is an on-going process, the duration of your SEO campaign will depend on the competition you are up against. There are a few industries that allow you to take your foot off the pedal for a few months. However, industries such as medical & healthcare, finance, and real estate may require you to have a sustained focus on SEO as the competition moves aggressively with new SEO strategies.

Why there is a swing in Google ranking ?

Incremental fluctuations in Google rankings are quite normal and recurring and are a manifestation of how Google’s ranking algorithm functions. With time, the rankings will stabilize as link-building efforts continue.

How can I track my SEO results?

We provide a tailored dashboard so that you can log in at any time to look at traffic, keyword rankings, and maintain all social tracking under a single hood.

How does the SEO process work?

Our approach to SEO begins by inspecting the website to identify various issues impeding its performance. We also make sure that Google is not degrading the site in any manner. Once the inspection is done, we optimize the site for targeted phrases and keywords. Subsequently, we kick-off developing authority to the site using link building efforts.

How should you choose an SEO agency?

Look at their client portfolio. Ask for client references. Check the background of the founding team & execution team. Check the reviews of the company on Google & Glassdoor

Should I focus on local SEO for my business?

Yes, focusing on local SEO helps you optimize your online presence to appear prominently in local search results, making it easier for potential customers in your area to find and connect with your business. For instance, we dedicate our local SEO experts in Bangalore to optimize your website, Google My Business profile and other local directories to help you to increase your visibility in local searches, attract customers in the city, and drive more foot traffic to your store. Local SEO is a powerful strategy to boost your online presence and gain an edge over competitors in your local market.

Why should you hire an SEO Company in Bangalore?

There are multiple advantages of hiring an SEO agency:

  • Expertise and Knowledge: SEO experts have a deep understanding of search engine algorithms, keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, content optimization, link building and more. They have extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends and best practices in SEO.
  • Time and Resource Efficiency: Implementing and maintaining a successful SEO campaign requires significant time and resources. Hiring an SEO company allows your internal team to focus on their core competencies and other essential business activities. The agency will handle all the technical aspects of your SEO campaign, including website audits, keyword analysis, content creation and performance monitoring. This allows you to maximise resources and ensure your SEO efforts are carried out efficiently.
  • Access to Advanced Tools and Technologies: A full-scale SEO activity requires premium tools and technologies that are expensive and entail management complexity. Most of the prominent SEO companies in Bangalore already have access to these tools that can help analyse your website's performance, track keyword rankings, conduct competitor analysis and generate comprehensive reports.
  • Stay Updated with Algorithm Changes: Search engine algorithms constantly evolve, and staying updated with the latest changes is crucial for effective SEO. An SEO agency keeps track of algorithm updates and adapts strategies accordingly, ensuring your website maintains its visibility and ranking amidst changing search engine dynamics.
  • Comprehensive Approach: SEO involves various elements, including keyword optimization, content creation, link building, and website optimization. An SEO company provides a comprehensive approach, covering all aspects to improve your online presence and drive organic traffic.
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