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Content is king, but strategy is the king maker. This maxim sums up our approach to scripting the journey on digital and social media, for the brands we work with. We begin from the very beginning, with in-depth research into the current digital scenario, taking into account all aspects of the brand and its requirements. Armed with insights that we glean from our analytics practice, our team of digital strategists then combine information from research on customers/prospects to chalk out a clear road map, which then leads into a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is well aligned with the broader marketing objectives, to achieve larger business goals for the brand. And when sound digital strategy joins forces with creative capabilities, powered by the right mix of technology – the outcomes are digital campaigns & activations across various customer touchpoints that are well orchestrated, from start to finish.

For a medium where the contours of the landscape are constantly evolving, we hinge our social media marketing offerings on a simple, but powerful premise – be current, be 24/7. Being viral without making a lasting impact on customer top-of-mind and ensuring enduring engagement, doesn’t cut ice with our social media pundits. Thus, our social media strategy is centered around creating content that is unique and valuable for customers, to ensure stickiness and engagement with the brand. Our dedicated services in the social media space translates into a full complement of services – social media strategy, content creation, influencer outreach, community building, contest management, advertising, analytics, listening & monitoring, reputation management, and performance marketing solutions.

We're different from the usual... When we say 'performance marketing', it doesn't include only the regular digital ad options (SEM, Facebook ads etc). It aims at delivering a sustainable strategy that can deliver great ROI over months to come. We combine the effectiveness of all the relevant digital channels - Email, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Programmatic advertising, Search marketing, video marketing, Social media, Behavioral marketing, Proximity marketing depending upon your brand's requirements to grow in the existing market, marketing objectives, competition and most importantly keeping your TG at the heart. We're extremely passionate about your success and will use a mix of logic, science, insights, creative/communication, technology & consistent testing, to delight your consumer! We love working with smart companies who are ready for growth.


Write Stuff
Pixel Perfect

For every wordsmith on our team, there’s one clear mandate – conjure up ideas that break the clutter to make an impactful connect. As idea merchants for the brands we work with, we are constantly exploring new and refreshing ways to communicate the brand story to consumers. Our copy/content/creative ideation capabilities span a constantly expanding landscape of touchpoints where we help brands make the connect, powered by innovative, and more importantly, relevant communication strategies. From establishing brand voice and identity to full-fledged advertising campaigns, and everything in between - we provide brands with compelling communication firepower across web, mobile, social, video, events, and even print.

Making brands look great at each opportunity and every point of interaction – that’s the loud and clear brief that every designer on our team lives by. The art folks in our design studio provide the perfect foil to the zaniest of ideas that we conjure up. Our design capabilities straddle a large footprint, spanning the entire brand storytelling spectrum – brand identity, style guides, imagery, websites, microsites, landing pages, mobile apps, social media, brand campaigns, videos, info-graphs, event and print collateral. To cut the long story short, our art/design capabilities have the wherewithal to partner brands at every leg of the journey.


Web 360
E commerce

From concept to completion – all the way through strategy, UI & UX, architecture, design, development, testing, optimization and deployment - our tech gurus have what it takes to deliver a comprehensive web presence. We build and maintain websites, microsites, landing pages, mobile sites and native iOS/Android applications across all platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience on any device. Our expertise includes capabilities to implement or interface with any solution, from content management to point-of-sale systems. With proven competencies across project management, technical strategy, architecture, solution design, application development, platform integration services, database & data management, infrastructure management and application lifecycle management solutions - we offer a comprehensive suite of web solutions & services.

As a key component of our technology offerings, we bring extensive expertise across all facets of mobile technology solutions - mobile experience audits, mobile strategy & roadmap development, UX, design & development for mobile platforms & applications, and analytics and reporting. In addition to developing mobile applications for various operating systems including Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, we also have proven capabilities in tablet application development, custom mobile application development and 24/7 mobile app development support.

Our E Commerce solutions reflect our collaborative approach of thinking big, using the right technology, and turning those ideas into implementable solutions. With expertise in top-rated platforms such as Magento, we offer comprehensive services to plan, design, build and deploy successful E Commerce websites, on time and within budget.


Consumer Insights
Listening Services
Reputation Management

Multiple channels, devices and points of interaction are creating a data deluge like never before. In the absence of insights, marketing data will remain as a mere collection of information. Our experienced Analytics team is adept at getting to what matters the most - making sense of all those mountains of numbers. Apart from using leading proprietary tools for social media listening and monitoring, we also extensively use IncPot, our in-house analytics engine to achieve an in depth understanding of consumers, competitors and markets. What this precision distilling does is that we can leverage data to derive incisive insights - intelligence that is critical to formulate and deploy communication and marketing strategies for each of the brands that we work with.

As with successful conversations and relationships in the real world, listening is an indispensable fact of life for brands to nurture enduring connections with customers. What that means is that brands always need to have their ears to the ground to detect every facet of customer sentiment. Our Listening & Monitoring capabilities ensure that we are all eyes and ears to help brands be highly receptive to customers' voice. And we don't stop at just following the conversation, it's all about deriving relevant conclusions by using analytics - to provide actionable insights for brands.

Out there in the social stratosphere, it's all out in the open and every brand is a public persona - open to both bouquets and brickbats. Brand reputation, the vibes that emerge and their impact on customers and prospects, have a lot to do with perception. Our team of Online Reputation Management (ORM) specialists sniff out every tweet and comment where customers have something to say about a brand. We leverage our social media listening & monitoring capabilities to respond to customer queries or complaints, ensuring that the communication lines with the brand are always open.



Ensuring your brand is found, easily - that's the mantra defining every facet of our SEO practice. Going beyond the basics (indexation, keywords and content optimization to improve ranking and revenue), our focus is to drive next gen SEO, to enable timely, relevant and optimized content that will be juicy enough to be picked up by search engines. All of this, with unwavering emphasis on improving results by boosting traffic and ROI for each one of the brands we work with.

Our SEM expertise is being constantly fine-tuned to efficiently connect brands with customers and prospects. The service offerings include - evaluation of the search demand, setting priorities/budget for the SEM strategy, striking the ideal balance between organic & paid search, enhancing visibility among current customers & qualified leads, and relentlessly measuring performance. We specialize in developing customized strategies that enable brands to grow web assets over the long-term without compromising short-term results, and to generate qualified traffic across the entire online footprint.



Our own Social Media Listening & Monitoring tool is the weapon of choice in our analytics arsenal, as we go about dissecting data to derive actionable insights for brands. This product uses 'keywords' as reference points to listen & monitor conversations on Social Media and the web to provide valuable analytical insights. IncPot has an engagement module that enables the scheduling and publishing of replies to posts that warrant responses. Besides its pivotal role in our Analytics practice, IncPot is reflective of the combined prowess of our Digital Marketing and Technology capabilities - and is a first in the line of products that we intend to roll out.