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Building a brand reputation takes time and commitment. It is a reminder to your consumers that you are a good business. Don’t let a single negative review or whistleblower ruin what you have created over the years. We are here to help you get your grip firm on your online brand reputation, re-engage your brand and make the right hype around your products and services. Our Online Reputation Management Services in Bangalore help you promote your brand perception like never before.

Response Management and Monitoring

Uphold your brand integrity and influence people’s perception of your product and services portfolio in the right way as our ORM experts keep a constant vigil on your online brand presence.

Build Trust and Credibility

Build your brand online with great reviews and create a positive image. Work on the weak area where the brand image needs to be improved.

Social Listening

Don’t miss out on what the audience is talking about your brand. We are your eyes and ears on social media platforms to track brand mentions. Get insights into how to align your brand with consumer expectations and unlock new opportunities to engage with your brand loyalists and influencers directly.

Social Analytics

Get social media insights at your fingertips to see how you are perceived as a brand across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our experts help you create social media strategies that align with your audience and their criticism to give your brand the needed image makeover on social media.

Brand Audit

Consumer expectations are extremely dynamic. What they like today, they trash tomorrow. You must have a clear visibility of your products’ performance against consumer expectations. Our brand audit services help you to analyze how your brand is performing in the market and against the competition. Use these insights to align your brand marketing strategies with your target audience.

Competitors Analysis

Learn from what your competitors are doing to refine their reputation. Analyze their online reputation, uncover potential threats and opportunities and learn which keywords they are using to attract traffic and attention online. We make tracking your competition easy and effective.

Market Research Reports

Know how you are faring among your customers and competitors in terms of performance and reputation. Our market research reports are enriched with highly actionable insights into your industry’s competitive environment, key trends, new entrants, industry size, and outlook. Back your reputation management strategies with these insights to stay relevant and visible in the market.

Building a Stronger Brand Presence

As a Top-Rated ORM Agency in Bangalore, we have helped everyone from start-ups to Fortune 500 brands boost engagement with their customers, take control of their brand reputation across multiple online channels and gain an edge over their competitors.

From Success to Delight: Our Winning Campaigns and Satisfied Clients

As a Top-Rated ORM Agency in Bangalore, we have helped everyone from start-ups to Fortune 500 brands boost engagement with their customers, take control of their brand reputation across multiple online channels and gain an edge over their competitors.

Drive Growth and ROI with Our Proven ORM Strategies


Monitor and Evaluation

We employ media monitoring tools to track any brand mentions done at any point in time and from anywhere. You get to address any positive or negative feedback before it flares up into a bigger issue and tarnishes your reputation before you know.

Customer Engagement

We engage various online and offline channels to boost your engagement with customers. Turn every customer feedback into opportunities by engaging with your audience and reinstating your value proposition.

Actionable Insights

Our media monitoring tool dashboards provide you with real-time insights into your brand performance across your target market. We assist you in leveraging those insights to create strategies that can uplift your brand reputation.

Result Oriented Process

We assign ORM specialists who are experts in your domain. They bring the right industry insights to create and customize an ORM growth map that will work for you and yield the desired results.

Comprehensive digital Coverage

Our ORM strategies cover a huge index of digital sites coupled with the ability to add new sites in minutes to augment the coverage. This ensures that you do not miss the buzz about your brand on a popular or lesser-known online medium.

Timely Response

We help you address your customers end-to-end, from response to the resolution, in a proactive manner.

Get Your Free Audit & Proposal

We provide end-to-end online reputation management solutions that let you take control of your brand reputation online in real time. Our ORM solutions for crisis management, negative SERP results removal, reputation monitoring and competitor analysis among others are trusted by leading brands across the globe.
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Have a query? We have the answers.

Why is online reputation management important?

A business’s online reputation is crucial because it can affect sales, customer acquisition, employee retention, etc. An effective online reputation management strategy gives you control over what people say about you online. You can address feedback, which is also a great way to engage directly with your customers and influencers. ORM services also entail inserting fresh content to replace dated and insignificant content related to your business to improve your SEO value.

How long does it take to see results?

Repairing brands or an individual’s reputation online can take three months to a year, depending on the goals and challenges. We look at many of Google’s ranking factors and other variables when assessing this, and we can help give you a sense of what the timeline might look like when we review your project.

What kind of businesses benefit from ORM?

The benefits of ORM services cannot be overstated for businesses of any kind or size. It ensures that when potential customers search online, they only find positive information about your business. ORM services also help businesses to witness an increase in the number of leads and sales that come in through the web.

How can I measure the success of my ORM campaign?

The success of ORM is defined differently by different people according to their targets for their business based on how small or big they are. One of the most basic measures of the success of ORM is an ever increasing positive SOV and no negative review about you or your business pops up on the first page of Google. If you opt for a detailed plan to manage your reputation, you may also get access to no negative reviews up to 2-3 pages. It all depends on the discretion and targets you have set for yourself.

How do I choose an ORM service provider?

Enlisted below are some of the factors which you must consider while choosing an ORM service provider:

  • Track record of client cases handled.
  • The ability to customize ORM strategies to your business goals.
  • No unrealistic promise of fast results.
  • The promise of process transparency.

What are the costs associated with ORM services?

The costs of online reputation management vary as per your needs and demands. It also depends on several factors, such as size and the established reputation of the firm you want to perform it for. Other factors that decide costs include the number of services you are opting for and the scope of work required within them. There are some DIY online tactics that you can try for free.

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