Search Engine Trend is a unique and useful technique for marketers to keep track of what people want to know about and what are the queries they search for. But at the same time, it’s significant for organizations watching their brand image well-being and breaking down consumer’s interests for the motivations behind – Content Creation. Despite the fact that most of the users just scratch the superficial layer of the information that search trends have to offer. So to know how search trends affect markets, first, we should know about the trends that marketers should follow for flaunting their brand image on search engine result page (SERP).

Brick-and-Mortar Companies Marketing

For a brick and mortar company or tier one companies, it is quite difficult to set marketing strategy. Marketers have to research on search engine trends vividly and set a strategy to rank in the first place of search engine result page (SERP). The content of the website and keyword research will be the topmost priority. Backlinks of that website should have good domain authority. Relevant content in the website always gives a good impact on the search engine and users as well. By improving the quality score of the website, the marketer can easily stand out on the first page of search engine result page (SERP).

Good Brand Health

Search trend is an ultimate route for large brands to comprehend the brand health compared to the competitors. This sort of analytical data can assist marketers where your brand should work for better impact on the influence. Depending on the search trends and analytical report of your website, marketers can set the strategy to gain more traffic and brand well-being image.

Discover Real Time Marketing Strategies

Search trends are now offering minute by minute, real-time information from more than 100 million searches monthly. It’s in the hands of the marketers now to evaluate the search trend during different times or on some special events like Oscar occasion, IPL match, FIFA, World Cup. You can choose any period of time to get minute by minute reports.

So how can a marketer utilize this data for real-time marketing? Marketers should make a strategy by watching spikes on search terms during special events and identify which topic is grabbing viewer’s interest. After analyzing that set an appropriate marketing venue for your brand to roll out the real-time marketing strategy and increase the traffic on social media.

A Live example of real-time marketing by utilizing Google Trends information comes from Oreo’s auspicious tweet during Super Bowl in 2013, when the lights went out in the New Orleans Superdome for 34 minutes. Oreo’s advertising group tossed this advertisement together on the fly. Twitter users cherished it and shared it — the single tweet has had more than 15,000 retweets up to today.

Dive Deeper into Trending Topics

Search trends now brag a – “Story Centric” landing page, where it aggregates information from Google search, YouTube, Google news. According to search trends, it ranks the most searched stories on the top. This is by far the most popular trending or you can say reaching pattern that you will find on the search page. If any user searches for any topic on search engine then the dashboard will display all relevant content, videos, as well as any changes in interest that happened over a few days back. According to search trend, if your business in under technology niche then It would be very helpful if you focus on Content Creation. posting a piece on a broadly trending topic will help to attract traffic to your site. You can even ensure that you exploit the point when you see prove that intrigue of the visitors is developing.

Traditional Advertising to Digital Marketing

Researching on search engine trending data, it’s quite obvious that digital marketing strategies are redefining and dominating the new modified marketing landscape. You’ll see a sharp-edged contrast in this trend when looking at more traditional forms of advertising — TV, outdoor and print — all down gradually. Searches for retargeting, programmatic advertising and marketing automation, native advertising, content marketing platforms are all skyrocketing.

These are some important points that a marketer should always keep in mind for standing out their brand image amongst the other competitors on the search page. Although trends are meant to be changed in any time. But some tangible search strategies for healthy branding will always same.


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