What is the first thing you notice about the posts on your social media feed? The image or the text? Well, if you say image, good news! You’re a natural and you fall under the 65% of the population who are visual learners. Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, leaving content holding effective images and visuals with over 180% more engagement.

Also, strong visuals play a major role in increasing people’s desire to read the text content by 80% and enables the people to perform an action on the post.

This indicates that if you haven’t already started employing strong visuals in your content marketing strategy, it’s time to do the right thing.

Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve in visual communication and make your content catch the eye of the readers amongst their busy feed?

In this blog, I’ve carefully curated the 8 creative trends that will take your content marketing a notch higher

1. Colors

Living Coral

Color of the year

Source: Pantone

The ‘Colour of the year 2018’ was Ultraviolet and the colour was implemented everywhere from fashion, interiors to graphic design. The colour of this year is Living Coral by Pantone and the colour is chosen as a gratitude for the coral reefs which are on the verge of extinction. The serene and heartening nature of this colour will bring human connection amongst the people in the fast track of digital lives and you can see many leading brands like Marriott and Apple are already implementing this colour in their communications.

Vivid Colours and Prism

You can see dashes of bright neons, electric pinks, and bright yellows everywhere this year. Many brands are administering vivid colours in their visuals to stand out among the competitors and grab the user’s attention. Vivid colours are lighter hues of colours that are more concentrated and brighter. As one of the most creative brands out there, Apple has used a rainbow of colours in their latest invite designs and Spotify has following the similar style.

liquid gradient graphics

Source: Dribble

Sweet Rewards

Source: Dribble

Liquid gradient graphics, a 3D effect is also a kind of style which is trending this year.

2. Nostalgic Memories

Sony Video POPS

Source: Tumblr

telephone pictures

Source: Etsy

Reminiscing the good old days can always feel good. Isn’t it? Designers and top brands have started adopting fonts, composition styles, colour palettes and notable figures from the past to take us back in time. This style of visual combines the best of both worlds by giving a retro style, a modern look. This style can be used to convey a message to our target audience through the things they consider they considered nostalgic.

3. The period of Personalization

The style of content will let you speak to your target audience in a more personal way. A big mistake which digital marketer normally do is curate a common content for all the consumers. As a marketer, we’ll have to leverage the user data and create tailored content for the individuals instead of addressing the entire segment of the audience.

Style Of Content

Source: Desktopnexus


Content Style

Source: Hubspot

4. Risk-worthy visuals

In social media marketing, one should not think twice to take a risk to stay on top of the game. Publishing visuals that are bold and memorable might also involve some risk, but it is worth it. Try unconventional method towards photography and design instead of picture-perfect visuals. Visuals with flaws and something odd will rise conversations around it and gets shared virally.

Faulty Pictures

faulty Pictures

Be Different

5. Embracing Art History

Another widespread idea of inspiration is classical art from great masters in the past. Interpreting classical art with direct references and with a modern twist is getting more and more popular in 2019 and can be seen picked up by a few brands on social media. Many Instagram accounts also use classical arts to create collages and modern creative art with a twist.

Classic Posts

Classic Pictures


Source: 9gags


6. 3D Design Transition

More graphic designers are trying out with 3D designs to give more depth and meaning to static visuals which will immediately catch the user’s attention. Several websites are seen to catch up on this trend and this will soon be seen all over digital space.

Creative Picture

Source: Behance

3D Design Transition

Source: Behance

3D Design Transition

Source: Behance

7. Minimalism gets more minimalistic

The minimalistic style has been in the trend for a few years now and it has only gained more momentum this year. However, the prediction for this year is deeper conceptual minimalism not just on the website and mobile app design, but also in social media, product design and photography as well.

Product Design

8. Strong Typography

Each font brings about different emotions in us. Fonts project strength, innovation, and individuality and it also becomes easy to read on mobile devices and other social media platforms. Brands like Adidas, Samsung and Nike have been great using this style on their creatives. Font heavy posters stand out among other creatives and immediately draws audience attention.

Strong typography

Strong typography

It is going to be a gradual and tedious process to implement new visual trends for your brand, with the existing brand identity and visual tone. However, once you’ve set foot in the path, it will be a favorable outcome! Follow some of the trendsetters in the industry and learn how they implement new creative techniques for their brand and get inspired. Remember, after all, “A picture is worth a thousand words”!

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