Prestige Group wanted us to establish a successfully targeted online community of home buyers across the web. So we went ahead and crafted the campaign – You Dream, We Build. After all, who else but one of India’s top real estate developers could deliver on the promise of building a home for every budget?

What we set out to achieve

When Prestige group approached us with the brief, their main objective was to build a targeted community of home buyers across different online mediums and to generate 2000+ leads in a span of 3 months. They also wanted us to deliver their key messaging ‘we build anything you dream of in the budget you have’ to their social community.

The campaign primarily focused on promoting 3 properties, with varied budget ranges targeted at different segments of home buyers –


  • Prestige Song of the South (Starting at INR 31 lakhs)
  • Prestige Lakeside Habitat (Starting at INR 67 lakhs)
  • Prestige Silver Oak (Starting at INR 1.7 crores)


Kurlon Yoga Day
Kurlon Yoga Day

Strategy & Consulting




Performance Marketing & Analytics


How we did it

We decided the best way to start was by building buyer personas of existing and prospective customers. We then ventured into different content categories to educate home buyers; starting with posts and ads which highlighted the USPs of the three properties. This was followed by targeted ads at all those who showed interest in the properties and engaging them through social conversations. A micro targeting approach was applied with continuous Facebook and Twitter optimization to maintain a healthy quality of leads. Affiliate emailer campaigns to reinforce the message were also implemented along with using WhatsApp to share videos of the properties which people expressed interest in.

2000+ leads

The campaign, which had started out with an objective ofgenerating 2000+ leads in 90 days managed to generate 2700+ leadsthrough Facebook and Twitter alone in under 60 days.


Over 10 million people

It also managed to have a cumulative reach of over 10 million people on Facebook.


20 million impressions

Received 20 million impressions on Facebook.


The outcome:

The campaign significantly increased Prestige Group’s brand recognition & recall and managed to establish an incremental growth in website traffic, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. In a span of just 60 days and only utilising social media, we managed to generate over 3,500 leads and an unprecedented number of brand impressions.



  • National Award for Marketing Excellence 2016
  • Award for Digital Content Marketing


Generated over


page likes during the
campaign duration.

Engaged over

4 million

users on Facebook.

Received over


impressions on Twitter.


Got over 1,00,000 clicks to the microsites of all the promoted properties.