Kurl-on’s journey began way back in 1962 as the first mattress brand in India and it soon evolved into a well-known name in the Indian households, becoming almost synonymous with mattresses. However, over time with new age competitors starting to gun for more market share of the mattress business, Kurl-on wanted to break-free from its image of a traditional brand to be perceived as a more aspirational and relatable one. We identified ‘Sleep’, ‘Health’ & ‘Weddings’ as the top-of-mind category motivators and decided to target them throughout the year.

What we set out to achieve

Kurl-on wanted to establish itself as a thought leader in the market to connect with young consumers. With ample research, we recognized our consumer’s affinity towards good health and leveraged International Yoga Day to advocate the same in the best way possible.

Kurlon Yoga Day
Kurlon Yoga Day

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How we did it

On the occasion of World Yoga Day, we launched ‘The Ultimate Asanas’ campaign. The campaign inspired good health by focusing on advantages of Yoga through an interactive program and subtly promoted Kurl-on offerings. A well-known Yoga expert was invited to talk about the benefits of Yoga and how some Yoga poses could help achieve good sleep. 5 short videos were put up showing our Yoga expert practicing different Asanas (postures). Finally, a contest was conducted where people were asked 4 questions relating to different Asanas.


1,309 Contest

responses received.


The outcome:

Our Yoga Day initiative was hugely successful. ‘The Ultimate Asanas’ campaign was able to strike a chord with younger audiences who are concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Piggybacking on the newfound craze for Yoga again proved to be a smart move in attracting more eyeballs to increase brand visibility on World Yoga Day.


Shortlist - Drivers of Digital Awards 2016 - Social Media Marketing


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