Kurl-on’s journey began way back in 1962 as the first mattress brand in India and it soon evolved into a well-known name in the Indian households, becoming almost synonymous with mattresses. However, over time with new age competitors starting to gun for more market share of the mattress business, Kurl-on wanted to break-free from its image of a traditional brand to be perceived as a more aspirational and relatable one. We identified ‘Sleep’, ‘Health’ & ‘Weddings’ as the top-of-mind category motivators and decided to target them throughout the year.

What we set out to achieve

With a goal of revamping its brand persona, Kurl-on now wanted to focus on targeting younger audience and one of the potential drivers for this re-positioning strategy was social media. We identified World Sleep Day as the perfect start for a brand which was all about sleeping peacefully. So we created a week long campaign which embraced the world’s love for sleep, in a fun and quirky way.


Kurlon Yoga Day
Kurlon Yoga Day

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How we did it

We launched a Twitter contest by asking the world to use #GoodSleepIs and tell us what good sleep meant for them. Within an hour, the campaign received an overwhelming response and started trending at #2 in India. Contest entries kept pouring in and re-tweets kept circulating around, increasing Kurl-on’s Twitter followers by a whopping 900%!


The radio integration for the campaign also helped promote the activity around a much wider sphere to gain more traction. Finally, we turned all the tweets into a memorable Sleep Anthem video for Kurl-On which gained a lot of traction on Facebook and YouTube.

2,828 Contest

responses received.

1,129 Re-Tweets


900% Increase

in Kurl-on’s Twitter followers.

The outcome:

The #GoodSleepIs campaign was a massive success. It not only managed to increase the brand’s followers on Twitter by 900% but also helped the overall ambition of the brand to be perceived as a more fun and engaging brand.


Shortlist - Drivers of Digital Awards 2016 - Social Media Marketing


5 hours

#GoodSleepIs trended
on Twitter for 5 hours.


Video views for Sleep
Anthem on Facebook


Video views for Sleep
Anthem on YouTube.

The campaign is
covered by IBN Live
News Network and
Lighthouse Insights.